For details, see Configure registry.json to enforce sign-in. Docker Team is designed for workgroups and small development teams and includes capabilities for enhanced collaboration, productivity and security. We trust our customers to be in compliance and Docker Desktop will continue to function normally after January 31st. We encourage our commercial customers to begin planning for an upgrade to a paid subscription prior to January 31, 2022 to continue using Docker Desktop after the grace period ends.

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As you may have already heard, the January 31st grace period to move to a paid subscription for commercial use of Docker Desktop is fast approaching. Scott Baumgartner is the Chief Financial Officer at Docker. He brings over 25 years of financial management and leadership experience at both public and private technology companies.

What happens when I downgrade a subscription?

Besides Windows 10, Docker is also compatible with Windows Server 1709 and 2016. Docker Hub is a repository of official Docker images and images from verified partners to help you build, share, and run images faster. Despite this, Kubernetes is not a stand-alone container management solution since it requires different plugins and services to function.

  • These programs include Docker-Sponsored Open Source, Docker Official Images, and Docker Verified Publishers.
  • Ideal for businesses looking for centralized management and advanced security capabilities.
  • Your current subscription will be credited for your remaining term on Docker Team to the cost of Docker Business, and a new subscription period will be set.
  • The top contenders are Docker, OpenShift, and Kubernetes.
  • Docker is an open-source containerization platform that enables developers to easily and efficiently create, manage and package apps into containers.
  • Image access management, a centralized management plan, and single sign-on enabling a secure software supply chain and limitless scale without adding friction into the developer workflow.

OpenShift is a self-service containerization platform that Red Hat built for enterprise use. The platform enables engineers to build, deploy, and maintain container-based applications. With CloudZero’s cloud cost intelligence platform, you can capture, analyze, and share granular costs of containerized and non-containerized infrastructure within one platform.

Security and management at scale

Finally, it may be useful to start by creating an organization and getting your Docker users added to this to assess how many are in your organization. Jean-Laurent is the VP Engineering for Docker, overseeing the global engineering team for all products. He brings over 20 years of software engineering and development experience. Prior to this, Jean-Laurent was leading the developer solution group within Docker.

As an engineer, you can use Kubernetes as a platform, as a type of container operating system, or as a container orchestration tool. As an example, Kubernetes is sometimes referred to as an all-in-one containerization platform. Yet to build and maintain containerized apps in optimal health, you’ll need a robust system. The top contenders are Docker, OpenShift, and Kubernetes. Docker allows you to move your containerized application to any system that has a docker. Delivering services for microservices architectures and with CI/CD implementations and as part of DevSecOps.

Do I need to do anything at the end of my subscription term?

When you add seats to your subscription in the middle of your billing cycle, a prorated amount will be charged for the additional seats. If you purchase Docker Business online, you can purchase additional seats at any time. Your current subscription will be credited for your remaining term on Docker Team to the cost of Docker Business, and a new subscription period will be set. Docker partners with Nuaware & Exclusive Networks to give our customers access to a worldwide ecosystem of local resellers where Docker Business can be purchased.

docker business consulting

He also served on the executive team at Yahoo, from 2014 to 2016, where he grew product usage to over 1 billion monthly active unique users. He joined Yahoo as part of its acquisition of MessageMe, a messaging app he founded in 2012. Prior to that, Arjun co-founded LOLapps, a mobile gaming and applications company which he scaled to 100 million monthly users before it was sold to 6waves, a subsidiary of Nexon. While containerization makes it a breeze to build, deploy, and manage portable applications, DevOps ensures continuous delivery through better team collaboration.

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If you are new to Dockerization and want to see how it can help with your CI/CD process, this service is for you. We can also check your current environment and suggest changes or additional use cases to improve your dockerized environment docker development consulting further. Rob Bearden is an experienced enterprise software executive. He is currently CEO of Cloudera and was co-founder and CEO of Hortonworks, a publicly traded open-source company that merged with Cloudera in 2019.

docker business consulting

These programs include Docker-Sponsored Open Source, Docker Official Images, and Docker Verified Publishers. Whether you’re a solo developer or among a sea of teams, partnering with Docker offers resources, support, and recognition to help you succeed. These programs bring the community together to create content, toolings, and integrations developers love and trust. Modernize your legacy applications into a microservices architecture with Docker.

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Routing Mesh – Routing Mesh enables organizations to manage all entrance requests for published ports on available nodes to active containers. With this feature, the connection between the portal and the node can be established even in the absence of a running task. Move images from your personal account to your organization. Despite its steep learning curve and configuration, Kubernetes provides superior horizontal scaling and supports a vast collection of plugins to extend its functionality.

We define small companies as having fewer than 250 employees and making less than $10 million in annual revenue. Sign up for Docker Business to scale your growth and improve your security.

How can I find out what’s coming next from Docker?

Prior to joining Docker, Scott served as the Chief Financial Officer for SmartZip Analytics. Prior to SmartZip, he held various finance leadership roles at CallidusCloud, Merant Software and Read-Rite Corporation. Scott holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from the University of the Pacific—Eberhardt School of Business.